Energiroade; Molly och Tom

If I can hold my horses,
And look before I leap,
I can start the New Year
With not only good cheer,
But a bulletproof plan to succeed.

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The energy for this holiday season is slow and steady wins the race. Capricorn/Saturn energy, in addition to being external authority and institutions etc. is also associated with our past, our families, and all our past conditioning that has provided us with structure, security, and a public persona. The square between Jupiter in Aries (strong willed independence) may be challenged a bit by family creating a tension that requires an expansion of consciousness to include the discordant energies.

The holiday season as a cultural phenomena has always, and will continue to, bring up deep feelings around family, our past, our upbringing, and the emotional memories that have shaped our psyches and lives. Rather than avoid, suppress, or deny these influences we can truly grow as individuals through contemplating what we have been taught and told is moral, correct, or ”success,” and comparing that to what we FEEL these are. Separating out and discarding what is not truly our own, brings us closer to our central core, simplifies matters, and helps clear the way for us to make the right choices.

The Moon in Capricorn is associated with melancholy, which is the experience of feeling into the matters at hand. These feelings are important indicators that hopefully are not stuffed or numbed with alcohol or other substances in order to ”celebrate.” I again refer to my favorite axiom, ”It’s not either or, it’s both and more!” If we take some time this week to contemplate, or ”do our homework,” then we can feel even better about going out to party
as we’ll have more clarity about ourselves, our past, and our future.


Om Lena Holfve 18456 artiklar
Under 80-talet var Lena Holfve en uppmärksammad författare men slutade som yrkesförfattare år 1992, och startade upp IT-tjänster. Lena räknas som en av de absolut första pionjärerna på Internet i Sverige med start 1990-91. Då var det i princip bara Lenas domäner och Systembolagets prislista ute. Nu är Lena pionjär igen med ett slutet och privat sällskap i domänen lenaholfve.se och vars syfte är att studera vad som händer i världen, men i en privat sfär. Sedan år 2017 har det startats upp en liten bokproduktion, igen.

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