Energiroade; Tom och Molly

In all my busyness,
I will not forget,
That I am being of love and light,
Here to imagine, envision, and invent.

Don’t be too busy for the online ”The Astrology of Relationship!” I just finished Segment One and it was/is AMAZING! Segment two, in which I’ll be demonstrating how two charts interact (synastry) starts March 18-19 but you want to do Segment One first! Check it out! https://bit.ly/3iAsgv2

It’s a balancing act these days like walking a tightrope. ”Spiritual” on the left and ”Material” on the right. Funny, as I was just practicing some tightrope walking last weekend. Just a tiny bit off to one side or the other and your feet go the other way and you are DOWN! Whether it is Mars in Gemini the twins or the Sun squaring the Moon’s nodes between Scorpio and Taurus, we’re being asked to be fully IN the world but not OF it.

And that doesn’t mean just sitting on our butts meditating either. That means actively drawing down Spirit energy from the sky like Gandalf or Merlin, sending it through their bodies and out into this world like magic! We can be like lightning rods grounding lightning bolts of Love that are hurled from on high to raise the vibe down here on ol’ Gaia. Let’s do it!

What are you ready to do differently now? New opportunities abound with all planets direct that open up new energies to take forward as the Sun journeys through your deep knowingness in Aquarius. The Sun interacts with Mars, Chiron and the Nodes of Fate this week, shining a light on what is ready to go forward as you’ve grown through some deep lessons and healing experiences. Mercury in Capricorn makes its third connections to Chiron and Uranus as he continues through his retrograde shadow territory. It is important to be very intentional with your thoughts and choices, as well as to ‘hold the line’ within your vibration. Venus enters Pisces on January 26, which is a soft, reflective energy that asks us to make time for self-care and listening to how you are ready for a break. More to share in this week’s podcast episode.

Om Lena Holfve 18456 artiklar
Under 80-talet var Lena Holfve en uppmärksammad författare men slutade som yrkesförfattare år 1992, och startade upp IT-tjänster. Lena räknas som en av de absolut första pionjärerna på Internet i Sverige med start 1990-91. Då var det i princip bara Lenas domäner och Systembolagets prislista ute. Nu är Lena pionjär igen med ett slutet och privat sällskap i domänen lenaholfve.se och vars syfte är att studera vad som händer i världen, men i en privat sfär. Sedan år 2017 har det startats upp en liten bokproduktion, igen.

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