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This next week will bring your attention to 3 areas of your life that require speaking your truth (Mercury conj Pluto in Capricorn at 28 deg on Feb 10), allowing an opening, surrender, and/or lightening up in your heart chakra (Venus conj Neptune in Pisces at 24 deg on Feb 15), and a crystallizing understanding of what you’ve been working through since 2020 (Sun conj Saturn in Aquarius at 27 deg on Feb 16).

Each of these conjunctions are focal points that connect personal planets to outer planets, which brings in more significance, responsibility, and clarity around your choices. All planets are direct and it may feel like life is moving quickly now, but Mercury entering Aquarius on Feb 11 will assist with all the pieces coming together and seeing what you need to understand from a new angle. Much more to share in this podcast episode.

I have important decisions to make,
That affect both myself and others.
As I can’t see all and wish to stand tall,
I will ask for the help of The Father.

While I will be talking more about the Sun/Saturn and Venus/Neptune conjunctions next week, I felt that you may be feeling them prior to that report. Taking these two conjunctions and combining them with the Mercury/Pluto conjunction happening Friday brings the picture of what is happening now into focus.

It is truly the end of what began last year. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all dying (balsamic conjunctions) into the slow-moving planets. They are ending, finishing, completing, and resolving evolutionary intentions that began with the conjunctions a year ago. The seeds that were sown a year ago at this time have grown and evolved, changing their shape, form, and nature.

Some of these impulses (ideas, relationships, businesses etc.), like some flowers are “annuals,” quick growing plants, and others are slow, multi-generational trees. Now, as these three conjunctions occur in the last three “cosmic/collective” signs, the value of what has sprouted needs to be evaluated from that cosmic/collective perspective. Hence, the mantra and today’s report focusing on the objective “sky god,” The Father.

Secondly, we can also see the planting of new seeds/impulses/desires that seek to manifest into form. It is beautiful that these decisions and choices are coming in from these cosmic signs signaling, perhaps, some cosmic intervention in worldly affairs. Certainly, in our private lives, we can tap into these cosmic, spiritual beings and uniting our intentions with theirs, create more heaven on earth. Blessings!


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