Energiroade uteslutande; Tom & Molly

Not all illusions are delusions,
But windows through which I see,
A future so nice, full of sugar and spice,
That’s prepared and ready for me.

As mentioned in the report, there are forces at work here on planet earth that are attempting to hijack the potential destiny of the human race and diminish from spiritual awakening down to computer driven zombies. It therefore becomes our task, not so much to openly ”fight” these hostile forces, but to maintain our spiritual practices, identity, and purpose.

While it may seem hard to believe, the attempt to rob us of our spiritual heritage and future realization is well underway. Many covert plans are currently underway behind the scenes so as to be rolled out with the next ”emergency/crisis.” This is not the first time in human history that religious/spiritual beliefs have been attacked as they give each of us so much power and support.

As we stand united in our beliefs, ideals, values, and practices and call upon Spirit guidance, we are energized, inspired, and sovereign which makes us harder to control and exploit. Let’s make no mistake about it, love is the most powerful force in the universe, more powerful than intelligence and especially artificial intelligence. We will not be fooled, downtrodden, or coerced into abandoning our true nature in favor of some virtual, manmade, reality.

Let’s call this month the ”Month of Spirit,” and take out extra special time from our daily routines and schedules to connect with our higher selves, our hearts, and strengthen our magnetic fields naturally. Whether you hit the mountains, the lakes, the streams, or the ocean herself, dip yourself in the waters of Spirit and rejoice in the beauty of life in your beautiful body here on beautiful Gaia! Blessings on your week!

A busy week unfolds as Aquarius season ends and we move into Pisces season. The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 27 deg Aquarius on Feb 16 for the last time in 28 years, and we need to make important decisions around priorities, responsibilities, and boundaries that matter for the long term. Then the Sun enters Pisces on Feb 18, and the Pisces New Moon on Feb 19 opens up an energetic intention that Saturn will be working with throughout 2023 – this is an important new beginning period! Mercury in Aquarius is busy with numerous invigorating aspects, supporting you in crystallizing a vision, project, idea, or communications that can take you out of the ordinary. And Venus enters Aries on Feb 20, bringing you back into what you need and want now that connects with your frequency. Much more to share in this podcast episode.

Om Lena Holfve 18456 artiklar
Under 80-talet var Lena Holfve en uppmärksammad författare men slutade som yrkesförfattare år 1992, och startade upp IT-tjänster. Lena räknas som en av de absolut första pionjärerna på Internet i Sverige med start 1990-91. Då var det i princip bara Lenas domäner och Systembolagets prislista ute. Nu är Lena pionjär igen med ett slutet och privat sällskap i domänen lenaholfve.se och vars syfte är att studera vad som händer i världen, men i en privat sfär. Sedan år 2017 har det startats upp en liten bokproduktion, igen.

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