Energiroade; Tom och Molly


I will take responsibility,
To be my own authority,
Building a new reality,
With love as the source of security.

Such is the message with Venus approaching Pluto, the underworld. It’s time to shed our old concepts of love in order to give meaning not only to the word, but to our lives. While I go into this extensively in the report (and even wrote the book ”What Is Love?”), Love is way more than what is portrayed in Hollywood movies and romance novels. Some have died for love and others live for love. It’s the most powerful force in the universe according to New Paradigm Astrology! Love asks a lot of us and from us, and the more we listen to it, the more clear and empowered we are.

So what a chart for the start of the new year! We can see some of the themes of 2023 from this ”birth chart of the year.” Four planets in the sign of external authorities like governments and corporations in square to the wounded warrior (Chiron in Aries). We’ll have to see how that plays out. Venus JUST past her visit with Pluto emerging renewed out of the underworld symbolizing the rise of the feminine on the verge of liberation (about to enter Aquarius). Mercury just turned retrograde reminding us to think twice before speaking, committing, or signing.

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Om Lena Holfve 18456 artiklar
Under 80-talet var Lena Holfve en uppmärksammad författare men slutade som yrkesförfattare år 1992, och startade upp IT-tjänster. Lena räknas som en av de absolut första pionjärerna på Internet i Sverige med start 1990-91. Då var det i princip bara Lenas domäner och Systembolagets prislista ute. Nu är Lena pionjär igen med ett slutet och privat sällskap i domänen lenaholfve.se och vars syfte är att studera vad som händer i världen, men i en privat sfär. Sedan år 2017 har det startats upp en liten bokproduktion, igen.

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