Uppdat: Energiroade; Tom och Molly

I have what it takes to get the job done,
Even though sometimes it hurts.
Because I know deep down inside,
That it’s me who creates my worth.

How much are you worth? Well, that depends on how you’ve created yourself (or not). The more unique and individual and special your creation of yourself the better. And by better Capricorn means you are qualified for a bigger and better ”job.” So the better you make yourself and the more competent, determined, mature, disciplined, powerful and evolved you are, the more Spirit is going to enlist you to serve, heal, and help Gaia, her minions, and all your brothers and sisters. This includes the 4 legged and the winged, the finned, and the plants too!

In this Pele Report I also discuss the idea that ”promotion,” or ”graduation,” also involves leaving the known, safe, and secure behind to venture forth into unknown territory. Instead of the big fish in a little pond you suddenly find yourself as the little fish in a big pond! This can be scary, challenging, and sometimes sad.

And this it the time, as the Sun approaches Pluto, Venus squares the nodes, and Mars turns to go forward once again, that the landscape changes and we find ourselves in new and different places. We want to keep in mind that THIS IS GOOD! You’re stepping up and moving up in the world and it is therefore natural that the world asks more of you. And you are never asked by Life to give more than you can deliver. So puff yourself up and blow the house down you big bad wolf! Go for it!

Powerful X-flares from the Sun have been amplifying energies over the past week, and triggering deeper parts of ourselves to rise to the surface to be worked with and blasted away. Both Mars and Mercury will station direct over the next week, releasing what has been held back or blocked, and changing the energies into forward movement. Venus in Aquarius is active with connections to the Nodes of Fate, Chiron, and Uranus this week, which could bring about what you have outgrown and no longer connects. It’s a week of revelations, new awareness, and turning points as we feel momentum slowly pick up. More to share in this week’s podcast episode.

Om Lena Holfve 18456 artiklar
Under 80-talet var Lena Holfve en uppmärksammad författare men slutade som yrkesförfattare år 1992, och startade upp IT-tjänster. Lena räknas som en av de absolut första pionjärerna på Internet i Sverige med start 1990-91. Då var det i princip bara Lenas domäner och Systembolagets prislista ute. Nu är Lena pionjär igen med ett slutet och privat sällskap i domänen lenaholfve.se och vars syfte är att studera vad som händer i världen, men i en privat sfär. Sedan år 2017 har det startats upp en liten bokproduktion, igen.

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