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The Poetry of Touch by Chris McAlister is a fascinating look into the perspective of a practitioner who has spent most of his life exploring the ins and outs of East Asian Medicine. Given his grounding in shiatsu, he naturally comes from a place of highly valuing the art of touch in traditional medicine.

From this book, you get the sense of how Chris keeps digging for the roots of this medicine, which are embedded in the experience of being embodied and exploring what it means to be fully alive and human – a creature with a rational mind suspended briefly in time between Heaven and Earth. Läs mer –Ljudbok och E-bok.

 ”Äntligen fri från utmattning!” som e-bok och ljudbok samt häftad.

”Den tidlösa vägen”, skriven av Magnus Fyrfalk, och den finns som e-bok, häftad och ljudbok.

”Band on the run” är skriven av den irländske musikern Hugh O´Neill, och den finns som e-bok och ljudbok.

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